The Milan of Constantine the Great

The Milan of Constantine the Great
A journey back in time through archaeological and artistic findings on the discovery of Milan in the 4th century A.D., when the city was the capital of the Roman Empire and the setting for an epoch-making event: the Edict of religious freedom issued in 313 A.D. by emperors Constantine and Licinius.
Three tours can be made through the streets and monuments of Milan: Milan at the time of Constantine The Christian Basilicas Constantine and Helen in the memory of Milan
ANCIENT AND MODERN MAP OF MILAN The application lets you explore Roman Milan through a specially created interactive map, which superimposes the present-day map based on Open Street Map data onto the map of the archaeological sites, highlighting the places of interest. If you are in the city looking for places related to Constantine, your GPS position will be shown on the map.
INFORMATION AND DETAILS Information, opening times, contacts and other details are available for each point of interest, such as the Amphitheatre, the Imperial Palace, the Herculean Spa, San Giovanni in Conca, the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Croce and many others.
The Milan of Constantine app was created for the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D., conceived and designed by the Diocesan Museum in Milan (curated by Paolo Biscottini and Gemma Sena Chiesa), open in Milan, Palazzo Reale (25 October 2012 -17 March 2013) and in the Coliseum, Rome (April-September 2013). app-store app-store